Court Magistrate

Shannon Bell

Shannon Bell has been employed with the City of Southside since October 2016. She is a certified Court Magistrate earning her title from the Administrative Office of Courts for the State of Alabama in 2009.

As the Court Magistrate her duties include issuing warrants of arrest, setting bail and approving bonds, receiving pleas of guilty for certain traffic offenses, accepting payment of fines, maintaining the court records, and preparing the docket for each court session.

As in all cities, the Court Magistrate is available to answer any questions or concerns pertaining to court matters.

2255 Highway 77
Southside, AL 35907
Phone: 256-442-9775 ext. 106
Fax: 256-442-9764

Pam Brasher

Pam Brasher has been employed with the City of Southside since May 2006 as an Administrative Assistant in the Mayor's office. In September 2011 she became a Certified Municipal Court Magistrate and assists in all matters relating to the court. 

In addition, Ms. Brasher received  her certification from the Alabama Safety Institute and is the instructor for the Southside Defensive Driving School Program.