Council Minutes

Council Minutes

April 27, 2020







The City Council of the City of Southside convened in regular public session via ZOOM webinar on Monday, April 27, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. with Joey Jones leading in prayer. Mayor Burns announced the city needed to address some essential functions and therefore the city council meeting was being held via a ZOOM webinar. Pursuant to the Proclamation(s) signed by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey stating the municipal governing bodies could conduct Zoom telecommunications for essential functions of the city or to act upon actions regarding the Coronavirus (COVID19). The City Clerk announced on Friday, April 24th the city council would conduct the 4/27/20 meeting via ZOOM webinar due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Notification with the information how to join the ZOOM webinar was sent to the participants of the public email registry maintained by the City Clerk and also placed on the city of Southside website


The following council members answered present:  Mayor Wally Burns, Council Members: Danny Garnett, John Hatley, Joey Jones, Dana Snyder and Don Steward. With a quorum being present the meeting was opened for the transaction of business. City Attorney Richard Rhea was also online during the Zoom webinar along with the City Clerk Cynthia B. Osborne.


Mayor Burns inquired of the council if there were any corrections or additions to the council minutes from the meeting held on Monday, April 13th, 2020. A motion was made by Don Steward to approve the minutes as presented with a second of the motion cast by Danny Garnett. Roll call vote: All ayes. The mayor declared the motion carried unanimously.


Mayor Burns introduced a resolution authorizing the city to enter into a contract with Kevin L. Ashley, a Professional Engineer to perform inspections and other services on the two paving projects the city approved on 4/13/2020. Councilman Jones stated Ashley has already been working on evaluating both Fowlers Ferry Road and South Valley Roads and what areas are going to need base repairs prior to the repaving of the roads. A motion was made by Joey Jones to approve the resolution authorizing the city to enter into an agreement with Kevin L. Ashley, Alabama Construction Engineering Services LLC for an amount not to exceed three thousand dollars. Services to be performed consist of supervision and inspection over the road paving projects for Fowlers Ferry Road and South Valley Road. A second of the motion to approve was made by Dana Snyder. Roll call vote: All ayes. The mayor declared the motion carried unanimously. (Resolution #0-013-2020)


Mayor Burns introduced a resolution which would surplus various types of equipment, vehicles, electronics and other personal equipment that is no longer needed or usable by the city of Southside. The surplus list includes nine various vehicles that will be placed on Liquidity Services (formerly known as GovDeals, LLC) for sale to the highest bidder. Many of the vehicles are military surplus equipment that the city obtained many years ago but are now unusable to the city. Some of the various equipment pieces may have actually been surplussed off the inventory in the past due to damaged or non-workable equipment such as lawn equipment, laptops, etc. The list of surplus items will be given to the auditor and should update the auditors list of assets. The resolution authorizes which equipment will be sold on GovDeals and the other items will be disposed of in a proper manner. A motion to approve resolution #0-014-2020 as presented was made by Danny Garnett and seconded by John Hatley. Roll call vote: All ayes. The mayor declared the motion carried unanimously. (Resolution #0-014-2020).


Councilman Joey Jones stated he had negotiated a land purchase for 3.9 acres of property located off of Highway 77 close to the old Lawley Stone building for exclusive use by the Fire Department. The cost of the property is $85,000. He stated the property was looked at by Tom McElrath, Architect and McElrath stated he felt the property would be ideal for a new fire hall for the Fire Department. A motion was made by Dana Snyder to purchase the property for $85,000.00 with a second of the motion cast by Don Steward. Roll call vote: All ayes. The mayor declared the motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Mayor Burns to award the First Responders with a one-time raise in the amount of $500.00 for their services during this Coronavirus Pandemic. The First Responders receiving the one-time raise would be the paid Firemen, The Police Officers, The Police Dispatchers and the Animal Control Officer. A second of the motion to approve the one-time raise of $500.00 to the designated First Responders was made by Joey Jones. Roll call vote: All ayes. The mayor declared the motion carried unanimously.



Mayor Burns made the following announcements:


       The next City Council meeting will be held on Monday, May 11th, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. The mayor stated he is hoping this will be a regular council meeting that can be held in the council chambers and not a Zoom meeting.

The next scheduled Planning Commission meeting is May 12th, 2020.


Mayor Burns stated this past week has been a trying week for the city of Southside due to the tragic traffic accident which resulted in the passing of Trey Downey. He stated the citizens have truly shown their love and compassion to the Downey family and for everyone to continue to remember them in prayer during this time of sorrow.


Mayor Burns also stated he hopes Governor Ivey lightens the restrictions on the state of Alabama due to the Coronavirus during her public announcement Tuesday morning April 28th at 11:00 a.m. He stated he hopes businesses can open their doors back up to normal hours soon. The Coronavirus quarantine has taken a toll on all businesses throughout Alabama and our entire country.


Councilwoman Dana Snyder requested everyone still pray for many of our own citizens such as Lori Wood who has been hospitalized with the Coronavirus for over a week now. The Coronavirus also known as COVID19 has sickened many citizens across our nation and is still very actively contagious.


Councilman Don Steward expressed his condolences to the Downey family and encouraged anyone interested in making a memorial donation please make it to the Harrell family rebuilding project. Contributions can be made at Metro Bank. The Harrell family lost their home during the March 2018 tornado in Southside and were relatives of the Downey family.


Councilman Danny Garnett stated the Southside Water Board had done the final testing on a new well and all the test have come back good. If everything continues on a positive note the city will have a new source of water soon.


There was one question addressed to the council from the listening audience and it questioned the status of the completion of the Bait Shack on the waterfront development property. They inquired what was the status of the building was it going to be completed as originally planned or have changes been made? John Hatley stated the building itself is nearing completion. He stated there will not be any furnishings placed in the building at this time other than one small office area. He stated they are still working on the how the building will be finished out. There needs to be a discussion held regarding the future business opportunities for the building. John Hatley stated the bid specifications for the board walks and several other items should be ready soon.


With there being no further business to come before the council Dana Snyder made a motion to adjourn at 6:25 p.m. The meeting was adjourned at 6:25 p.m.





Cynthia B. Osborne, City Clerk