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Public Hearing Notice, Southside City Council Sept. 27, 2022


At the regular meeting of the Southside City Council of the City of Southside, Alabama,
on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. a public hearing will be held for
the following request. The public hearing will be held at the Southside City Hall located
at 2255 Highway 77, Southside, AL.
A annexation/rezoning application has been filed by Scott and Stefanie Thompson
Smokeneck Holdings, LLC.. The property the county and owners have requested to
be annexed into the City of Southside. The applicant is requesting the property be zoned
as R-1 Single Family Residential. The reason given for the request is Smokeneck
Holdings, LLC wishes to develop 14 lots for residential building. Approximately to 1
acre lots, minimum of 3000 sq. ft. per home, with price range being around $350K with
HOA restrictions.
The Southside Planning Commission made a recommendation to allow annexation
into the City of Southside, and zone as R1 at their meeting held on September 8,
2022. An ordinance will be presented to annex 2880 Lake Forest Dr. W. Southside,
AL and to zone the property as R-1 Single family Residential at the September 27,
2022 meeting for consideration by the City Council.
All persons interested in the above rezoning request are invited to attend the public
hearing that is held to provide an opportunity for public comments. A copy of this notice
has been posted in three public places within the city limits of the City of Southside and
the Southside city hall. A copy of this notice has also been mailed to adjoining property
owners in the area of the requested rezoning.
Should any member of the public require any special accommodations in order to attend
the public hearing please contact Melissa Chambers, City Clerk at 256-442-9775
Extension 102, Monday Friday, 8:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m., no later than two days in
advance of the public hearing.
Posted this 13 th day of September, 2022.

Melissa Chambers, City Clerk