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As most of you may know, Waste Management does not pick up yard debris.

However, the city does offer “Large Item Pick-Up” service.

The cost of residential rubbish/trash/limbs or debris pick-up will range from $40.00 to$70.00 per one ton dump truck load.

Individuals must sign up at the Revenue Office located at Southside City Hall. All pick-ups must be pre-approved by the Shop Foreman and will be picked up by appointment only, with fee paid prior to the scheduled pick-up.

All items must be located in the front of the residence. Items should not be placed on the street, but near the driveway by the street for access to load items onto the dump truck.

All breakable items must be contained in containers to prevent spillage and or accidental injury by the city employee.


Items Excluded from Large Item Pick-Up:

Any type of appliance or equipment which contains Freon such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

Hazardous materials, infectious waste and or medical waste

Batteries (auto, truck, computer, etc.)

Paint cans, household garbage, tree stumps