The City of Southside

Merry Christmas, 2020

Thank you to all who participated in our Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  We were honored to have the Pride of Southside this year and look forward to their participation in many events in the future.  I appreciate our vendors, ParadICE and Quick Fixx, for participating; this is a first to have vendors available at this event.  We look forward to expanding in the future.  Our employees were exceptional in keeping everyone safe and we thank you, our patrons, for abiding by the social distancing guidelines and wearing your mask. 


Southside Police Department was also busy this holiday season pulling over unsuspecting recipients of the annual Gift Card Giveaway & joining in a little Grinch fun at Southside Elementary School.  Southside High School’s band, the Pride of Southside, visited homes performing Christmas Carol-Grams; Southside Public Library held its Annual Book Sale and their ‘Bring IT in & Drop IT Off Drive’ for those in need.


Hopefully we can put this pandemic behind us soon, as community events are very important. These small events will become a great way for fellowship within our beautiful city.  As your mayor, I hope we always work together to place our community and its needs above all else.  It is, after all, what makes Southside exceptional. 


We, at the City of Southside, wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas!


Dana Snyder, Mayor