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   CRYSTAL FRANKLIN                                      

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Phone: 256-442-9775 ext. 100   Phone: 256-442-9775 ext. 105                
Fax: 256-442-9764

   Fax: 256-442-9764                                   

The Revenue Department issues business licenses and collects various city taxes. The City of Southside Revenue Department constantly strives to provide complete, accurate and timely information and service to taxpayers in an effort to collect the taxes and license fees due the City.

The City of Southside Revenue Department is responsible for enforcing all laws and regulations dealing with collection of various taxes and fees due to the city, and to provide complete, accurate and timely information and services to the businesses and taxpayers.

New-business information packets are available at City Hall from the Revenue Officer. Applicants are asked to fill out a short form regarding the nature of their business request. Most license fees are based on gross receipts or on a graduating scale. It is important that those wishing to start a business verify that the location of the proposed business is properly zoned for that specific type of business. Zoning information is also available at City Hall.

The license year is based on a calendar year -- January 1st through December 31st. ALL Licenses expire December 31st of each year, unless specified otherwise in the most current City of Southside ordinance governing Business Licenses.

All licenses must be renewed before February 1st to avoid delinquent penalties. Courtesy renewal notices will be mailed to each license business on file on or about December 15th of each year. Business licenses must be renewed for the calendar year if still in business in the city on January 1st. The Revenue Department should be contacted as soon as possible if a business is no longer in operation.

Applications for new business license are taken daily between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at Southside City Hall. Sales, Use, and Rental taxes for the city are collected by Alatax (205-324-0088). Occupational Tax, Tobacco Tax, Gasoline Tax, Liquor and Wine Tax are collected by the Revenue Department.

For information on business licenses, permits, including a list of rates, contact the Revenue Officer at 256-442-9775 Ext. 100.