Parks & Recreation

Cheryl Kennedy
Director of Parks & Recreation
Safety Coordinator

The Southside Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to providing and maintaining quality athletic programs and facilities in a clean, attractive, and operable condition which will enrich the quality of life for residents and encourage unity and pride within the community.

The goal of the Southside Parks & Recreation Department is to enhance the physical and social well-being of all the members of our community, both young and old, by providing a safe, clean, and pleasant environment. We make every effort to offer athletic, civic, and recreational activities to promote a more active, positive, and enjoyable community.

The Parks & Recreation Department strives to offer a standard of excellence in service and programs as it meets the changing needs of a growing community.

Michael Weldon
Parks & Recreation

Michael Weldon manages and directs all activities in relation to the Sports Complex. Weldon coordinates and supervises all sports activities with local leagues. He maintains the sports complex facilities which include preparing the fields and concession stand, maintenance of all equipment, and inventory control.

In addition, Weldon promotes the sports complex for participation in tournaments. His duties require him to work many nights and weekends.

Rickey Armstrong
Grounds Keeper

Rickey Armstrong must meet many demands as the City of Southside’s Grounds Keeper. His duties include, but are not limited to all aspects of lawn maintenance and care, field marking, maintenance of a variety of equipment, and the knowledge and expertise of the methods and materials used in ground maintenance. Mr. Armstrong takes pride in providing and maintaining a clean and attractive landscape throughout our city.

Rose Weathington and Marcelle Bearden
Community Center Personnel