Rebuild Alabama Act






Resolution Adopting Transportation Plan Pursuant

to the Rebuild Alabama Act




WHEREAS, the Alabama legislature in Act. No. 2019-2 adopted the Rebuild Alabama Act;


WHEREAS, the Rebuild Alabama Act provides for an allocation among the municipalities  of the state on the basis of the ratio of population of each municipality to the total  population  of all municipalities of the state a portion  of the additional taxes levied   under   the Act to be used for transportation infrastructure, improvement, preservation and maintenance;


WHEREAS, the Act provides that the municipal governing body of the City of Southside shall adopt an annual Transportation Plan no later than August 31  which shall provide a detailed list of projects for which expenditures are intended to be made in the next fiscal year and shall be based upon an estimate of the revenues anticipated from the fund in which the additional revenue is deposited during the next fiscal year; and


WHEREAS, the Act further provides that any such funds shall be used only for the maintenance, improvement, replacement, and construction of roads and bridges maintained by the City of Atmore and such other uses as are defined in the Act.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Southside as follows:



1.        The City Council of the City of Southside hereby passes this Resolution as its Transportation Plan submitted in compliance with the Rebuild Act, Act No. 2019-2.


2.        Pursuant to the Act, the City Council of the City of Southside estimates that its anticipated  allocation from the Rebuild Alabama Act fund for the first fiscal  year will be approximately $ 42,419.00, with increasing allocations for each fiscal year thereafter.



3.          Pursuant to the Act, the City anticipates expending funds received pursuant to the Act, in part or in whole, to fund any of the following listed projects:


·        To fund maintenance, improvements, replacements, and construction of roads and bridges as funds allow.

·         To fund required matching amounts for road and bridge projects as funds allow.

·        To fund bond payments or debt repayment for road or bridge projects as funds allow. 


4.       The City Clerk is hereby authorized and instructed to post a copy of this

Resolution as its Transportation Plan in a conspicuous place at the normal four posting places within the city of Southside those being Southside Pharmacy, Southside Community Center and Woody’s Grocery, Southside city hall, and also on the website of the City of Southside.




ADOPTED this the 26th day of August, 2019.



                                                Wally Burns, Mayor






Cynthia B. Osborne, City Clerk