Request to be on City Council Agenda


(Must be made no later than 12:00 noon on the Thursday prior to the council meeting)

Email your request to Mayor Snyder (

or the City Clerk (




Date of Request: ___________________________


Meeting Date: _____________________________


Speaker’s Name: ____________________________________________________


Speaker's address: ___________________________________________________




Speaker's telephone number: ___________________________


(From Rules of Procedure, Section (e). Public Address to the Council)

Request must state the nature of the specific comment/question/concern that will be addressed

  (You will not be able to discuss matters that are not listed on your request)

A person may speak on any subject regarding the city and municipal government, but may not address the same issue more than once every four weeks

Remarks shall be limited to five (5) minutes

All remarks shall be addressed to the council as a whole and not to any member

No question may be directed to any council member, the mayor, or a city employee without the permission of the president

Whenever any group of persons wishes to address the council on the same subject, the president may request that a spokesperson be chosen by the group or may limit the numbers of persons addressing the council