Mayor's Office

  • Mayor Dana Snyder

I am Dana Snyder and I am very honored to serve the community of Southside as mayor. This city has always been home and I am looking forward to each day of my tenure, understanding that every moment is an opportunity to make progressive change toward its advancement; advancements that I believe will benefit us all.
For those of you who do not know me personally, I am married to Chris Snyder -also ‘homegrown.’ We share five children and nine grandchildren.  It is my deepest desire that their roots take hold in Southside just as my parents, and the grandparents who came before did.  There is a strong connection to this place and because of that, I am very passionate about our city’s history and its prominent future as the “Loveliest Village on the Coosa.”
In looking forward, I foresee 2021 as being a productive year, an opportunity to put forth my best as your mayor, as well as the city’s best. It is time to stretch and grow in a constructive way. There is much work to be done. Recently, we approved the building of a new Fire Hall and purchased the “City of Southside AL” app, which will make the distribution of important city information faster and more effective. The City Council and I are currently working to create a family-oriented city park at the river property for everyone - including our elderly, handicapped and children - to enjoy. These projects are a work in progress, which means that even when they reach the point where they are benefiting the community, we will continue to improve upon them.
We are also working within the city to revamp our departments, the city’s guidelines, and regulations. We need to work on our infrastructure -from roads and drainage to civic infrastructure; therefore, involving the community in our future. While planning for the future, I am working with our library staff to utilize a space for community engagement, a space for recording our city’s history.
We need to implement a strategic plan of growth for our city; to include businesses, public safety, recreations, etc. This includes my desire to establish a Commercial Development Advisory Board that consists of business owners, developers, bankers, realtors, and financial advisors to help regulate our city’s growth and the direction it needs to take in business recruitment.
In order to accomplish these things and much more, the city council, myself, the employees and the community must work together as a TEAM.  With that said, I look forward to supporting our schools, teachers, and students this year. These children and teenagers are our future and, in my opinion, are our most treasured possession.  GO PANTHERS!
Mayor Dana Snyder