Mayor's Office


I am Mayor Dana Snyder. This first year of serving the community of Southside, Alabama has been tremendously rewarding. The work has been exhilarating. For me, every day is an opportunity to discover and implement necessary change toward our city’s advancement.  These changes will benefit us all. The city council and I have made a lot of positive modifications, and continue to work daily to implement improvements. 

Many have heard me refer to Southside as the “loveliest village on the Coosa.’ Coined in the 50’s, the phrase was used in a local publication to describe our wonderful hometown. The description stuck with me because it so aptly describes how we see our city. Residents share a strong connection to this place we call ‘home.’

2021 has been a highly productive year. Working as a team, the council and I have revamped our departments, as well as the city’s guidelines and regulations. A strategic effort has been put in place to bring use of the Riverfront Property to fruition; as well as the continued efforts to obtain a new northbound Coosa River Bridge. I am really looking forward to taking my grandchildren to the all-inclusive city park. The area will bring a lot of enjoyment to our children, handicapped citizens and elderly. This will be this administration’s first green space development in Southside, but it will not be our last. These ‘works in progress’ will continue to be improved upon, even after they are ‘in use.’

Ongoing improvements are being considered and implemented in an effort to correct many of the city’s roads and drainage issues. While we have incorporated the use of the “City of SouthsideAL” app, we  continue to initiate modern methods of keeping the citizens of Southside well informed.

At the forefront, of our future endeavors, is work on infrastructure and community involvement, and a strategic plan of growth for our city which includes businesses,  public safety, and recreation.

This year, we updated the interior of city hall; painting and replacing the carpet with a durable, easy-to-clean flooring. Efforts to extend the update will carry into the coming year. The city council and I also approved the building of a new Fire Hall, which many said could not be done.  Emphasis on our first responders- fire department, medics, and police department- is of supreme importance to myself and our citizens. Everyone wants to live in a safe community that amply provides for the basic needs of its citizens. It’s not something we should take for granted.

As I have said before and will continue to say, in order to accomplish our goals the city council, myself, the employees and the community must work together as a TEAM.  

As always, I am excited and look forward to supporting our  schools, teachers, and students this year.  Our children are not just our future, they are our most treasured possession. 

Mayor Dana Snyder