Fire Department

“A Few Serving Many”

The City of Southside’s Fire and Rescue Department is a versatile organization that provides City residents with fire and life saving services including fire protection and emergency medical services.

Established in 1976, The Medic/Rescue Department was the first volunteer program in Etowah County and possibly in the State of Alabama. In 1962, the first Fire Department was established in Southside and operated exclusively on a volunteer basis. Today, the department has twenty-five members which consist of seventeen Fire Medics, seven  Paramedics, nine EMT-I Basics, and one EMT-Advanced.

The Fire and Rescue Department utilizes various pieces of equipment in the process of doing their job. Below are definitions of the equipment used to help keep the City safe:

3-Fire Engines: The fire engine is a pumper unit which usually carries 1000 gallons of water, hose, pump, and 48 feet of ground ladders. The primary task of a fire engine crew is to search, rescue, locate, confine and extinguish fire. When warranted, the crew also responds to 9-1-1 medical incidents.

2-Rescue Vehicles: The Rescue Unit is a mini-emergency room on wheels equipped with among other things a gurney, bandages, medication, defibrillator and oxygen. Personnel are trained to handle any type of life threatening emergency. The objective is to stabilize and transport victims to the closest appropriate facility.

2-Brush Units: Brush Units are pumper units used on grass fires and are especially helpful where access is a problem and fire hydrants are few or non-existent. Brush Rigs carry 250 gallons of water and are designed for off-road areas and brush fire fighting.

1-Fire and Rescue Patrol Boat: The Rescue Patrol Boat is powered by a 40 hp outboard engine and is capable of responding to emergencies at a rate of 40 mph. It carries medical equipment, search equipment, and rescue equipment. A towing post is mounted near the stern.

1-Command Vehicle: The Command Vehicle is equipped with lights, sirens, and radio communication. The Fire Chief serves as the incident commander on the scene of fire and medical emergencies.

Members of The Fire and Rescue Department provide dependable service in a responsible fashion, while showing care and compassion for those in need. The Department protects lives, property, and the environment through fire suppression, rescue, disaster preparedness, fire prevention, medical care and community education. Members of the department are professional, supportive, and responsive to the needs of the residents of Southside. Indeed they are…”A Few Serving Many.”